Three things about me:

I'm a Marine, I love Fashion Photography,

and I LOVE Bojangles!!!

My name is Darius Monte Evans and I am in the business of creating relationships with people through photography. 

I was born and raised as an "artsy fartsy" kind of guy on the sunny south side of Florida, in one of those cities where everybody knows everybody.  Once I realized that I wouldn't make it out playing basketball or making music, I knew I had to rely on my intellect and my aspirations to serve my country. 

Funny story on how I came into the world of photography (the short version)... There I was Halloween night 2009, several of my friends from college and I were frolicking along the streets of Charleston, SC and I happen to see a neat little square leather box on the ground. It turned out to be a simple point and shoot Canon PowerShot. After I made an attempt to find the owner (to no avail of course) I kept that bad boy! I began to study the history of the art form and teaching myself the craft. Taking pictures became an addiction, I couldn't stop! I had finally discovered my passion.

I am an artist and outside of fashion, I love social documentation and fine art photography. Currently I provide services in the realms of portraiture, fashion, and event / lifestyle photography.

Stay Classy My Friends.